Obtaining counselling services in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is a challenge for many. The Legacy Counselling Centre opened its doors in January 2015 to supplement existing services. It has an inter-faith board of directors and will provide interdisciplinary mental health services.


Legacy Counselling Centre provides hope for wholeness to individuals and families — journeying together ‘Hand to Hand Toward Wholeness.’

Mission Statement

At Legacy you will discover…

      • quality counselling provided by highly trained and experienced Counsellors who adhere to christian values; 
      • a safe place to be heard and helped; a place where you are treated with dignity and compassion;
      • nonjudgmental staff who are devoting their lives to assisting others toward a path of holistic living.
Our Facility

The Legacy Counselling Centre has:

  • 4 counselling rooms
  • 3 full time counsellors and 1 contract counsellor
  • 1 administrator
  • Access to meeting rooms for consultation
  • Seminars and workshops are available to employee groups, churches, service groups and other organizations on various topics (e.g. stress, depression, abuse, marriage, and parenting.)
Our History

Shortly after arriving in Fort McMurray in August of 2008, and subsequent to his election as Lead Pastor at the Family Christian Centre, Rev. Edwin Rideout set out to conduct his own evaluation of the social needs of the Wood Buffalo Region. In a subsequent meeting with Mayor Melissa Blake during the Winter of 2009 he posed a simple but profound question: “When considering the unique role of the Church in Fort McMurray, and having a good understanding of the great works already being accomplished by many of our community-minded Churches, what would you say is an area of concern the Family Christian Centre should focus upon?” Without hesitation, Mayor Blake responded, “There continues to be a tremendous need for counselling; especially in the areas of family/relational dynamics and addictions.” Over the next several months, Edwin continued his evaluation relative to the perceived ‘social needs of the Wood Buffalo Region.’ For the most part he concluded that the Provincial and Municipal Governments, together with the non-profit sector are providing exceptional coverage. Our citizens are generally well care for; However, there was significant evidence indicating the need for additional counselling services; especially in the area of family/relational dynamics, Youth and Children services, and substance abuse. After further information gathering, much reflection, and conducting a series of ‘vision-casting’ sessions with the Board of Directors at the Family Christian Centre; a new mission for the Family Christian Centre was established — one which included the establishment of a Counselling Services for Wood Buffalo as a major element. The first attempt to establish a Counselling Services was made in the Fall of 2010; however, a year later a decision was taken to revisit the model —the financial cost to provide for the necessary staff was a major obstacle. Eighteen months later the miracle occurred! Early in December 2013, Edwin received a phone call from Dr. Dell Bouck, owner of the Legacy Group of companies. Over coffee at his office, Dell committed to a long-term partnership with the Family Christian Centre, for the purpose of establishing a Counselling Centre to serve the Wood Buffalo Region. The very first cheque was presented to Rev. Edwin Rideout a few days later, in the amount of $300,000.00. Another year would slip by as final plans were formulated, staff recruited, and space to house the Centre secured. This brings us to a second major miracle: Securing a minimum of 5,000 ft2 of space @ $60.00 ft2—The going rate in Fort McMurray — would consume a significant portion of the budget. Thankfully, late in 2013 The Family Christian Centre received approval from the Regional Municipal of Wood Buffalo to expand its Centre. This would free up 5,000 ft2 of space necessary to provide for Counselling Services. Finally, January 01, 2015 the Legacy Counselling Centre opened it’s doors to serve the needs of the citizens who call the Wood Buffalo Region home. This continues to be a journey of faith. Additional funds and staff are needed. Holistic and compassionate care are necessary ingredients to ensure people who fall on hard times are nurtured back to wholeness!


People come to Legacy Counselling Centre to …

Work on...
  • communication
  • marriage concerns
  • parenting issues
  • child behaviour concerns
  • practical problem solving
  • conflict management
Deal With...
  • stress / fear / depression
  • anger management
  • anxiety/ grief
  • addictions / codependency
  • sexual concerns
  • spiritual issues
Recover From...
  • separation / divorce
  • adjustment to losses
  • family violence and abuse
  • sexual abuse

Education and support around:

  • domestic violence
  • abuse
  • suicide

People come to find PEACE and JOY.


We select our team based on:

  • Professional qualifications and affiliations
  • Counselling skills and expertise
  • Sensitivity to the spiritual dimension of life
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth
Galina MacKenzie, Professional Counsellor

Galina has a great compassion to see those who are hurting to come to wholeness. As a result, she has gone from serving bag lunches to those who found themselves on the streets of Toronto, to supporting individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life who have struggled with mental health and addictions. Completing her Bachelor of Theology in 1995, Galina continued her studies, and obtained a Masters of Divinity/Counselling Major in 1998. Galina then served with the Salvation Army for 14 years in various positions providing counselling and support to the Region of Peel homeless population in Ontario. She later took up employment in London, Ontario as an Addictions Counsellor. Galina has recently moved to Fort McMurray with the love of her life, Curt, and their two handsome boys, Joshua and Marcus. She is now excited, and very humbled, to step into this role, dedicated to continue to care and support those who may be distressed and struggling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Teresa Harvey, Professional Counsellor

Teresa was born and raised in Newfoundland. Since 2009 she has been working with children and families in crisis. It is through this work and through life experience that Teresa has gained an ability to empathize and connect with vulnerable individuals.

She completed her Bachelor of Social Work at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2012 and begin working in a case manager role with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Through this position Teresa received valuable experience working with children and youth who have experienced significant trauma. In 2018 Teresa received a Certificate In Foundations of Play Therapy through the Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute.

Teresa and her husband moved to Fort McMurray in 2017 and she is dedicated to working with individuals from all walks of life who may be struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Scholastica Adeyemi, Professional Counsellor

Scholastica relocated to Canada from the UK in 2006. She practiced pharmacy for nine years, between 2004 and 2013, with five of those being in Ottawa, Ontario. Through her pharmacy degree, she developed an understanding of, and gained exposure to mental health issues specifically related to substance abuse. This, coupled with her strong desire to help others, helped drive a change in career paths to counselling. She has a diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling from Kelowna College of Professional Counselling in British Columbia.

Over the years, she has developed her counselling skills through her work in support roles with individuals in crisis, children whose parents are going through divorce and individuals dealing with addictions. She also has experience creating  a safe space for individuals managing stress and anger by providing them with education and support.

Scholastica is married with two beautiful daughters and is pleased to be a part of the counselling team at Legacy Counselling Centre.

Glenda Pollard, LCC Administrator

Since childhood, Glenda has had a desire to serve and care for others. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and has worked as a registered nurse in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta.  During her nursing career she gained valuable experiences, having worked in various disciplines including medical, cardiac care and long-term care.

Glenda and Danny, her husband of 25 years, have two sons, Daniel and Jared, who are the pride of their lives. They moved from Ontario and have lived in Fort McMurray for 17 years.

In 2010 she made the decision to stay at home, devoting her time to family, while also working part-time as an administrative assistant. She is enjoying her current role, offering administrative support to the clients and counsellors at Legacy Counselling Centre.

Simon Clarence, Contract Professional Counsellor

Rev. Simon Clarence has pastored for over 30 years and has acquired much counselling experience in that setting.

He attended Vanguard College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Theology, Counselling Major.

He has also partnered with the Alberta Youth Justice System, working with delinquent teens, as well as the RCMP/Fire Department in coping with Critical Incidence Stress and other related issues. He has served as the RCMP DARE (Drug Awareness and Resistance Education) chairman for 13 years and saw many students graduate from this program under his watch. He has also been very active in elementary, junior high and high schools working with students with various needs.

He has been the Chaplain at the Devon General hospital for many years and have worked extensively with the staff and patients in giving /support bereavement counselling/working with palliative care patients and in the Adult Day Program.

Simon has conducted many pre-marital courses, as well as post marriage enrichment courses.

He has been happily married to Ruth for 30 years and is the father of two young adult children, Jenna (Ryan) and James (Karina) and two grandchildren, Moses and Keni.



It is Legacy’s aim to provide professional services at affordable rates. Therefore fees are based on a sliding scale according to individual means to pay.  We understand that every individual’s circumstances vary, so please call our office at (587) 536-6619 for any questions regarding fees or our services.

Please note that we are not currently set-up for third party billing. Clients should check with their individual insurance provider to determine if services will be covered. Each client will be provided with a receipt which you may choose to submit to your respective employer insurance/health spending account.



Donations to The Legacy Counselling Centre will enable us to offer subsidies to families/individuals with limited income. Please make cheques payable to the Legacy Counselling Centre/Family Christian Centre. (Income tax receipts will be issued). Donations can also be made online care of Family Christian Centre. When donating online, please specify that your donation is being made to Legacy Counselling Centre.








At Legacy you will discover:

  • Quality counselling provided by highly trained and experienced counsellors.
  • A safe place to be heard and helped; a place where you are treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Non-judgmental staff who are devoting their lives to assisting others toward a path of holistic living.


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